sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2011

The Circle

"O Quadrado, o Círculo e o Disco Fragmentado" Emanoel Araújo

I traced a circle on the ground,

It was a mystic figure strange

Wherein I thought there would abound

Mute symbols adequate of change,

And complex formulas of Law,

Which is the jaws of Change's maw.

My simpler thoughts in vain had stemmed

The current of this madness free,

But that my thinking is condemned

To symbol and analogy:

I deemed a circle might condense

With calm all mystery's violence.

And so in cabalistic mood

A circle traced I curious there;

Imperfect the made circle stood

Thought formed with minutest care.

From magic's failure deeply I

A lesson took to make me sigh.

Poesia Inglesa. Fernando Pessoa. (Organização e tradução de Luísa Freire. Prefácio de Teresa Rita Lopes.) Lisboa: Livros Horizonte, 1995.

(Para os alunos do 12º8, depois da nossa conversa, sobre Pessoa, no apoio)

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